About Bhanu Mart Supermarket Franchise

  • Bhanumart is the leading brand in the supermarket franchise in India. With rapid growth, it is becoming the fastest growing supermarket franchise chain in India. By now, more than 1000+ national and international brands have trusted us and have collaborated their brands with Us.
  • Some are industry leaders like P&G, Dabur, Cadbury, Patanjali, Hindustan Uniliver, ITC, Fortune, and many more. You may not know these, but you are using their products daily! These brands have many categories and subcategories of products, giving us around 10,000+ products to sell, making us one of the biggest supermarket franchises in India.
  • Our product range & hassle free shopping give us opportunity to serve a many peoples who trusted Bhanumart. With our support and guidance, they have opened supermarket franchises in their respective places. Why won’t they? We are offering benefits that no other franchisor is giving in the industry. We giving 0 Franchise Fees model Grocery franchise opportunities are increasing because a lot of demand is coming from the market, and people are looking for everything under one roof; and Bhanumart is giving a platform to fulfil the demand for grocery store franchises in India

Our Vision

  1. We all remember those days when we want any product than we have go to any kirana store . They have no more inventory so we have to go many stores . Than Supermarket Started & all this system is changed . All products under ONE Roof . Now also system is changed . One roof is replaced with ONE mobile Application click.
  2. Supermarket are developed with time but this E-commerce market is want knowledge of computer, English & more things. Also big Investments to make a Android , IOS application, Web , Software for billing . So they are not updating with time.
  3. To Solve this problem , we decided to build a supermarket franchise model with E-commerce Support in INDIA .We will provide all your daily products need at your Area / your Door with Discounted prices. With this system we try to give chances to our old generation to new generation. We try to give chance to entrepreneurs & Our small cities public to experience the E-commerce.
  4. हमें अपने देश को आत्म निर्भर बनाना हे , इस नए ज़माने के साथ हम अपने छोटे व्यापारी भाई और बहनों को साथ ले कर चले , इसलिए भानुमार्ट को सपोर्ट कीजिए.

Our Mission

  1. We want to revolutionize the supermarket industry. We want to open our shops in every corner of the country. In a little money, we want to see people open their business. To connect every part of the country with the e-commerce industry.
  2. To make such a system that every product can be found everywhere. We provide Legal Advice, Branding, Certification, Marketing, Financial Advice & good technology.
  3. Our team is always in the quest to do something new everyday. It is our endeavor to create employment opportunities in the country and eradicate hunger.

Who Can Become Our Franchise

Work in E-commerce Industry

All world is upgrading & now big opportunity in e-commerce industry. Who wants to grow in this time, don’t think join us.

Unemployed students

Who wants to use their good educational quality, not getting job in any government & private industry. Interested in e-commerce industry & give job to other unemployed persons.

Business Person

Want to start business but don't have experience. He / She is afraid to start his business because there may be loss. We are giving a all type of support in our franchise. So low risk with big opportunity

Small & Medium Cities Citizens

Tier-2 & Tier-3 cities have big opportunity in supermarket. Peoples wants to upgrade with time & not interested to go many stores, they want single place for daily needs products with budget price..

Empty Space Owners

You have a vacant place, you want to invest money in business without risk. You want to earn money from regular basis without tension. U can also try our FOCO Model.

Rural Areas

If you come from any medium populated rural area than it is a best chance for you. Rural areas have small stores & no discounted shops .You are first one in your area.

Company we dealing

There Are So Many Franchises In India, So Why Choose Bhanu Mart franchise?

We are first in our country to support our small supermarket franchise with e-commerce support. We giving u User Mobile application (Android & IOS). We also giving u to delivery boy application. More important that all connected with our store billing software, so your stock management system is connected with e-commerce. We are not taking any Franchise Fee, Billing Software Fee, Security Fee. We giving u risk free opportunity to work with us.

Bhanumart has partnered with retail leaders to operate their expanding locations. Our Independent Operators have considerable local-decision making autonomy over store operations including hiring, merchandising, marketing and more. You hire, train, and lead your team, doing what you do best, and then we share the profits of your retail store according to our commission structure.

Maintain your work-life balance. Spend 5-7 hours a day guiding your staff, sleep 6-8 hours a day, and still, you have around 5-6 hours to Spend with family. Unlike traditional grocery chains, you’re never reduced to a compliance manager for a faceless corporation. We empower our Independent Operators to make the best decisions for their store because no one knows their store or community better.

Grocery market in our country is higher than any country. Many big players in market but anyone can’t cover all the market. Supermarket business have margin of 15 to 20%. U can earn monthly 1 Lakh to 5 Lakh average after all the expense. If you have good place & good investment than u can earn more than 5 Lakh.

Why Choose Bhanu Mart

  1. U Can Work Like a Big E-commerce Platforms.
  2. U Can Compete with Big Companies with our Pricing Support & Low Investment Module.
  3. Fastest Growing Online Delivery System.
  4. Technology Gives U Wings & We try to give u best technology to grow up.
  5. Lowest Prices Big Saving.
  6. Attractive Offers & Discounts All India Branding & Promotion.
  1. Modern Interior with Flexible Space.
  2. Well Trained Staff & Management.
  3. Wide Range of Products.
  4. Wide Range of Products.
  5. Low Inventory Module with Maximum Variety
  6. Easy Distribution Chain & Warehousing
  7. Offers in Your Local Product

What Are The Requirements And Investments To Become a Bhanu Mart Franchise in India?

  1. Area/Size.
  2. Franchise fees.
  3. Software fees.
  4. Product Cost.
  5. Interior cost.
  6. Security deposit.
  1. 600 Square/ft to 10000. Square/ft.
  2. Free.
  3. Free 1 Login.
  4. Rs. 1000 to 2000 /- Per Square/ft Approx.
  5. Rs. 700 to 1000 /- Per Square/ft Approx
  6. Free
Get The Best Grocery And Supermarket Franchise In Just 6 Simple Steps-
  1. Appointment:First submit your details in form. We connect with you & give a appointment slot to you.
  2. Meeting In Video Conference Mode After you complete a appointment process than our team meet with you in video conference
  3. Franchise Place Verification: When u agree with us, want to do business with us than our team visited at your place, if your place is suitable for business than we can start a franchise
  4. Agreement Sign: After place verification you are appointed as bhanumart partner. We do 1 franchise agreement with you.
  5. Area Code Activation: We giving franchise to all over india, so you get a Unique Area Code of your store.
  6. Kit Handling to U: When all franchise work done by our team & we can start your store than we deliver your staff kit to you. In this kit you get T-shirt, Cap, Delivery bag
  7. Training Of Your Staff: We teach your staff how to talk with customers. How to generate bill on computer. How to enter a stock in system & many things.

Frequently-Asked Questions

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Bhanumart is always looking for candidates who possess the ideal mix of personal qualities, professional experience, and financial standing to successfully operate a Bhanumart franchise. Bhanumart is committed to actively promoting diversity in its franchise system.

Bhanumart is always try to grow your business but we have not personal financial service, but we support you to take business loan from bank or any financial soluiton.

Yes , We offers discounts Up to 70% for retail customers, also try to give discount on local area products.

How much money you make will depend on a lot of factors, including how well you: • Satisfy your customers’ needs by providing product assortment, value, quality, service, and a clean, safe, and friendly environment • Implement all Bhanumart operating principles • Recruit and develop a top-rate, customer-focused store staff that can effectively communicate with your customers • Monitor your sales trends while managing your expenses.

Bhanumart has a unique approach to store development. Unlike most franchise systems that require franchisees to develop their stores, Bhanumart provides fully stocked stores. If you want to develop full store with self approach than we also allows you

  1. Bhanumart provides services that many other franchisors either do not provide, or they require additional fees to make these services available. Here’s what you get:
  2. Bhanumart Provides you android & ios mobile application.
  3. Bhanumart provides you inventory system with accurate location or product.
  4. Bhanumart provides you Billing software with Stock management of online & offline sale
  5. Bhanumart provides support to file GSTR
  6. Bhanumart provides support to take FSSAI Licence & Many other things

Your Initial investment is minimum 15 Lakh. If u taking franchise from any other franchiser than he take 5 to 7 Lakh for franchise fees , software fees , security fees, but we are not taking any money for this, so your investment is not big . We also try to build your store furniture in 700 to 1000 Rs Per Square/Feet other franchise taking 1200 to 1500 Rs for this. We try to save your money in every possible way..

Yes, We allow you to carry your own products, but at 1 condition if your product quality is high. If any customer complaints about your quality than you have to remove the products from store..

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